Consumer Reports New Cars – November 2019

(Kiana) #1

Road-Test Highlights

CONSUMER REPORTS conducts more than
50 objective tests and subjective evaluations
on every vehicle we rate. These charts
list the results from CR’s testing. The infor-
mation allows you to easily compare models.
Here's an explanation of the criteria that
appear in the charts:
Make & Model specifies the make, model,
and trim version of the vehi cle Consumer
Reports tested. We often test multiple
versions of the same model, and each can
yield different results depending on the
trim and equipment level, body style, and
engine type.
Trans. indicates the transmission type
and number of speeds. “Auto” is auto-
matic; “CVT,” con tin uously variable trans-
mission; “Man,” manual; “Seq,” sequential;
and “1-spd. dir.,” one-speed direct drive.

(^) HP is the horsepower of the engine tested.
Engine notes displacement, number of
cylinders, and configuration we tested.
CR’s Fuel Economy includes the tested
Overall miles per gallon based on a
realistic mix of highway and city driving.
The figures for City and Highway driving
are listed separately.
(^) Acceleration is based on how a vehicle
performs in several tests. The 0-30 mph
and 0-60 mph tests are conducted from
a standstill with the engine idling, with the
figures indicating the number of seconds
needed to reach those speeds.
The ¼ mile test is also done from a
standing start, and the figures listed
indicate the number of seconds needed
to reach the quarter-mile mark as well
as the speed the vehicle was traveling
when it reached that distance.
Braking is the distance in feet a vehicle
took to stop from 60 mph on dry and
wet pavement.
(^) Performance includes our emergency-
handling and turning-circle tests.
AM speed is the speed at which the vehicle
was able to successfully negotiate our
avoidance-maneuver test course. The faster
the speed, the better. Turning circle is
the bumper clearance needed, in feet, for
a U-turn to be completed.
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