Consumer Reports New Cars – November 2019

(Kiana) #1

Hyundai Palisade

Features and refinement make this all-new SUV worth checking out.

dai Palisade puts established
midsized SUVs on notice with
its sharp design, spacious inte-
rior, full roster of features, and
starting price below $36,000.
Before we buy our own, we
rented one from Hyundai to get
a first look.
This Korea-built model is
the mechanical sibling to
the impressive U.S.-built Kia
Telluride. Like the Kia, the
Palisade seems thoroughly
balanced and without overt
flaws. It checks all the right
boxes for its class, with
dimensions, power, and towing
on a par with its chief rivals.
The engine and transmission
combination is smooth, with
predictable power delivery and
plenty of muscle in reserve.
The engine sounds polished
even when revved.
Driver-selectable modes—
including Eco, Comfort,
Sport, Smart, and Snow—help
fine-tune the desired engine
response and traction. The
Comfort mode feels a bit mild-
mannered, as reflected most
in leisurely downshifts.
Twist the dial to Sport and
the Palisade becomes more
eager, with sharper throttle
response. We enjoyed the
Smart setting, which reacts to
how the vehicle is driven to
progress automatically through
the settings. It saves fuel
when cruising but is eager to
accelerate when needed.
Large front doors make
for easy access. The seats are
below hip height for an
average-scaled driver, making
it effortless to step into the
SUV. The seats are wide, mildly
bolstered, heated, vented,
and rather comfortable.
The Palisade’s interior feels
upscale. Thoughtful details
include USB ports in the backs
of the front seats and slick cup
holders. A handy button to

get the second row out of the
way for easy access to the third
row is also nice.
The controls are clearly
labeled, and most of them
are simple to use, which is a
Hyundai hallmark.
Buyers can get either a bench
or two individual seats for the

second row, which makes
the Palisade a seven- or eight-
passenger vehicle. Even the
space in the third row is
relatively decent for the class.
Every trim level comes with
FCW, AEB with pedestrian
detection, LKA, adaptive cruise
control, a driver attention

monitor, and a rear occupant
alert to prevent leaving a child
or pet behind.

We haven’t found much to
complain about so far. The
ride is mostly compliant
and controlled, although we
noticed a hint of firmness—
especially when the Palisade is
equipped with 20-inch wheels,
which come on most trims.
The touch screen can be a
far reach for some drivers, and
the push-button gear selector
is unintuitive.
The Palisade is a big, tall
vehicle, so it’s not particularly
nimble, but at least the body roll
through turns is limited.

Like the Kia Telluride, the
Palisade looks poised to
give the current crop of mid-
sized three-row SUVs a
serious run for their money.
Despite its relatively accessible
price, the Hyundai’s upscale
features and finish mean it can
be an alternative to a luxury-
brand SUV, too.

Model 2020 Hyundai Palisade Limited
Price $46,400 Engine 291-hp, 3.8-liter V
Transmission 8-speed automatic Drive wheels All

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