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more overwhelming than
ever. With all the new tech out
there, it can be hard to separate
the features you need from the
bells and whistles you don’t.
That’s where CR’s experts
come in. Our guide to the
latest technology (p. 5)
will get you up to speed on
the safety and convenience
features you should pay
extra for—and which ones
you can skip.
You can also be confident
choosing your next new car
based on our ratings. Only
CR buys its own test vehicles,
putting each one through
more than 50 evaluations.
And only CR conducts
annual reliability and owner
satisfaction surveys of its
members to find out how cars
perform over the long haul.
In 2018 alone, we gathered
data on about a half-million
vehicles. That’s why you
can place your trust in our
guides to affordable SUVs
of all shapes and sizes
(p. 20) and the latest electric
cars (p. 26).
No matter what kind of
vehicle you’re looking

for, you can find the ones
that did best in our tests
in our guide to Standout
Models (p. 40).
In addition, we back up
our insights of every car we
test with easy-to-use com-
parison charts highlighting
results from government
and insurance-industry crash
tests, and our own road-test
data (p. 184).
But that’s not all. We
also extensively test child car
seats (p. 10) and tires (p. 35),
so you and your loved ones
can stay safe on the road.
And we offer buying advice
that can help you become
a savvier shopper.
About the only things
you won’t find in this guide
are advertisements from
car companies or dealer-
ships. CR is a nonprofit
organization, and we don’t
answer to automakers or
dealers. That way, we can
help you make an informed
buying decision free of
marketing hype, and you
can drive home happy—
knowing you bought the right
car at the best price.
—CR’s Auto Test Team

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