Consumer Reports New Cars – November 2019

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quick reference guide to all the
vehicles we have recently tested
so that you can see how each
matches up with its competitors.

(^) Price as tested is the sticker
price at the time we bought our
test vehicle.
Overall Score includes the
vehicle’s performance in our
roadtests; the latest results
from the reliability and owner
satisfaction sections of CR’s
exclusive Auto Survey; the avail-
ability of frontal crash preven-
tion systems with pedestrian
detection, along with blind spot
warning; and, if available, re-
sults from crash tests performed
by the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration and the
Insurance Institute for Highway
Safety. For information on safety
Ratings & Reference
Why We Haven’t Rated Some Vehicles
Some models have been redesigned or extensively
updated since our last test and are scheduled to be
included in future road tests: the Audi A6 and Q3; Ford
Escape and Explorer; Hyundai Sonata; Mercedes-Benz
CLA; Nissan Versa; Porsche 911; Subaru Legacy and
Outback; and Toyota Highlander. For updates, check a
future issue of Consumer Reports Cars or
Ve h i c l e Ra t i n g s
Find your next car, SUV, or pickup truck using
our exclusive test results and survey data.
and crash tests, see page 190.
Survey results reflect find-
ings from CR’s Auto Survey,
which is compiled from data
reported by Consumer Reports
members. Predicted reliabil-
ity is our forecast of how well
a new model is likely to hold up.
Owner satisfaction is based
on the percentage of surveyed
CR members who say they
would definitely buy or lease
their vehicle again.
We use a model’s latest three
years of data to determine the
predictions, provided it hasn’t
been redesigned or significantly
updated. In cases where we have
insufficient survey responses,
or when a model is all-new or
redesigned, we use our expert
judgment based on brand track
record and similar models to
predict reliability and owner-
satisfaction ratings. To learn
more, go to
(^) Road-test score is based
on results from more than
50 objec tive and subjective tests
and evaluations per formed at
our 327-acre Auto Test Center
in central Connecticut.
Overall mpg is the overall
miles per gallon a vehicle
achieved in Consumer Reports’
fuel-economy tests, reflecting a
mix of city and highway driving.
High and lows give a
summary of a model’s notable
strengths and weaknesses.
Avoidance Maneuver
We evaluate how well
cars steer around
obstacles in their path.
Key to the Ratings
Vehicles are divided by category
and ranked according to their
Over all Score. Certain models
are included in multiple catego-
ries, as appropriate. Sometimes
we also include vehicles that
are viable alternatives to those
in a specific category.
Recommended vehicles are
those that meet Consumer
Reports’ stringent testing, reli-
ability, and safety standards.
To earn our recommendation,
noted with a !, vehicles must
have a high Overall Score in
their category.

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