Mentors Magazine: Issue 3

(MENTORSMagazine) #1

recognition of itself as a growing force
within society. I’ve witnessed this self-
awareness firsthand. As the founder of the
Silver Disobedience® movement, my blog
has long invited comments from those ag-
es 48-plus about life, love, family and
more. It is clear to me that the youngest of
my fellow “Silver Disobedients”—who hap-
pen fall into the Gen X category—are every
bit as cognizant of their own potential as
their own children, parents and grandpar-

ents are.
In short, any company in 2019 that writes
off Gen X as a bunch of slackers is trading
on a bogus stereotype that is at least 25
years out of date. This is a demographic
worth paying attention to—a powerful
group of adults who are now changing the
world as completely as any of those that
came before them. The last thing any busi-
ness should be saying about them is, “oh
well, whatever, nevermind.”

Dian Griesel is a perception analyst, social influencer, businesswoman, bestselling author
and a model who has appeared in many national brand campaigns. She and her family live
in New York City.

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