Scale Auto – October 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1 13

Resin louvers on decal backing from Archer transfers saved the day!
The side louvers came from the AMT ’34 Ford kit.

Some brightwork, clockwise from the left: windscreen; finished grille
with an aluminum-mesh insert; headlight with aluminum-mesh cover;
and the headlight bar made from copper wire with styrene end caps.

shaped styrene mounted on
brackets made from soda-
can aluminum.
The windshield was made
from .005-inch acetate
mounted on styrene. I
modeled the windshield
folded down to show off the
two cowl flares behind it.
The interior received two
bucket seats sourced from
an old Merit kit. I glued

them in the passenger
compartment and made the
dash from sheet styrene.
Woodgrain and instrument
decals detailed the dash and
gauges. I scratchbuilt the
steering wheel — sheet
styrene for the spokes and
an O-ring for the rim. A
tonneau cover made from
craft paper hides the rest of
the cockpit.

I made the wire wheels
using a method I detailed in
the August 2017 Scale Auto
(Page 12). The center
knockoff caps are built up by
layering and gluing shapes
cut from sheet styrene. The
tires came from a Heller
Talbot-Lago kit, and the
AMT ’34 Ford kit supplied
all the parts for the leaf-
spring suspension.

Tamiya British green (TS-
9) went on the body, and all
the chrome work was done
with Molotow chrome pens.
Hopefully, you’re inspired
to scratchbuild your favorite
car that hasn’t been kitted
yet in your favorite scale. It
may seem daunting, but if
you break down the process,
you’ll be amazed at how
simple it can be.
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