Gardening Australia – September 2019

(Jacob Rumans) #1










planters are indoors
or outside, there’s always
that niggling question,
“When did I last feed them?”
The easy solution is
to fertilise them in small
doses, often. Seasol’s
PowerFeed Pro Series
Plant Food Pots & Planters
is a liquid fertiliser
formulated for indoor and
outdoor potted plants. Used
every one or two weeks,
this fast-acting solution
containing fi sh, seaweed
and liquid compost can
give your plants a boost.

Garden gloves protect your hands from scratches, stings a
These Grip Gardening gloves from Foxgloves Australia fi t
a second skin, protecting your arms, too, with their extra
length. You can feel the plants through them, and the
silicone grip ovals on the palms give you a more secure
hold when performing fi ddly tasks. Made from a breathabl
knit fabric, they are available in four colours. foxglovesdir

Looking for attractive pots to show
off your indoor plants? Hide your
black plastic pots inside these
contemporary Brussels pots from
Elho. The sustainable fl owerpots
are made from recycled plastic
and are available in a range of
versatile colours to match any
decor. Because they’re watertight,
they won’t leave water marks
on your furniture. The pots are
available in a range of sizes
to suit various types of plants.

An alternative to using
stakes in the ground,
Flexi Garden Frames
can be confi gured to
support seedlings or
climbing plants, such
as beans or tomatoes,
and may be used with
netting. Designed and
made in Australia, this
light, modular system is
suitable for the garden,
balcony or courtyard.
It is compatible with
standard plumbing
components, and an
irrigation system can
be run through it.
fl exigardenframes.
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