Spotlight - 10.2019

(coco) #1

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EDITORIAL 10/2019 Spotlight


Picture perfect


hen Spotlight’s audio editor, Owen
Connors, came round with a micro-
phone to record the sound bites track,
I thought I was prepared. “Tell me
about your favourite photograph,”
said Owen — that was the topic of the
sound bites segment. So off I went. In fact, we ended up doing
the recording twice, which was a good thing, because finding the
right adjectives, adverbs and phrases to talk about a picture is not
easy. Given how many pictures we take today and the fact that
describing images is a skill tested in many language exams, we
decided to make it the focus of the language feature in this issue.
Polish up your descriptive language by turning to “Cool pix!”,
which begins on page 42, and listen to the Spotlight team talking
about their favourite photos on track 5 of Spotlight Audio.
Pulsatingly loud and eye-poppingly colourful, disturbingly
poor and claustrophobically crowded: Mumbai, India’s biggest
city, is an exciting challenge to navigate, which is why we are
delighted to take you on a tour of the metropolis given by our
Indian correspondent, Aparna Pednekar. Her two-day journey
includes bazaars, beaches, bistros and, of course, a Bollywood
film. “48 hours in Mumbai” begins on page 26.

delighted [di(laItId]
, erfreut
, verstörend
[(aI )pQpINli] ifml.
, staunenerregend,
feature [(fi:tSE]
, hier: Artikel
given [(gIv&n]
, wenn man bedenkt
issue [(ISu:]
, hier: Ausgabe
polish up [)pQlIS (Vp]
, aufpolieren, auffrischen
pulsatingly [pVl(seItINli]
, pulsierend, schwingend
track [trÄk]
, Titel

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