Esprit Bonsai International – August 2019

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So on the opposite side, the natu-
ral forces push the roots down into
the soil. Whereas on the cascade
side, compressed roots develop
to resist the pressure of the forces
acting upon them. It is thus a case
of opposing forces.

A variety of cascades
There are various types of cas-

  • with an offset crown, and lower
    pads placed along a line that leads
    to the crown;

  • with lower pads and crown all
    in one line.
    Another variant is evocative of a
    tree that is growing in a difficult loca-
    tion: the tree has no crown, and so
    the line of the trunk and the appea-
    rance of the bark are of the utmost
    importance. Jin and shari further
    enhance the dramatic effect. There
    are only a few pads, and these are
    compact, with foliage reduced to
    the minimum. The longest branches
    are positioned on the cascade
    side, and the trunk also inclines in
    this direction. In nature, trees lean
    out towards the light, rather than in
    towards the cliff. Such trees are sha-
    ped by snow, which pushes them
    downwards as they seek the light.
    The result is trees that are horizontal
    and slightly upward-turned.

A deep pot
A cascade’s pot accentuates its
height. It should be round, hexago-
nal, octagonal or in any other equi-
lateral shape. A very long cascade
should be placed in a very deep,
narrow pot, which will reinforce its
dramatic aspect. Deep pots balance
out the cascade effect both mecha-
nically and visually. Also, in moun-
tain habitats, tree roots extend deep
down into cracks in the rock. Deep
pots speak of this additional aspect.
The tip of a cascade is normally
positioned below the base of the pot.
Check that the cascade is not the
same height as the pot, and that the
stand is not the same height as the
cascade or pot. 

Different types
of cascade.

The tree’s crown is slightly offset in relation to the base
of the trunk. Collection Luigi Maggioni collection.

Focal point

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focal points.
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