TV Times – 03 August 2019

(Axel Boer) #1


Pack medicines
like a pro
‘The new series of
ITV’s Save Money: Good Health
starts with a travel special and
I look at the biggest conundrum
that people have when they’re going
on holiday – and that’s deciding
what medical supplies to pack.
The temptation, especially w hen
you’ve got kids, is to take absolutely

everything with you because you
don’t want to be stuck in an
emergency. But we take the NHS’
recommended holiday list and I
break it down to include the things
you really need – and the cheapest
options. So, we create a holiday
health kit that all fits neatly into
one Tupperware pot and includes
all your essential items, plus saves
a bit of cash to spend on holiday!’


Try to live by
Manrara’s mantra
‘The telly stuff happened
for me by accident. I was working
in a hospital and an opportunity
came up to work for the BBC as an

adviser for some of its young
people’s medical shows.
I’ve always tried to live by the
mantra that I must constantly pu sh
myself out of my comfort zone. So
I pushed myself by putting myself
on screen, then pushed myself by
doing a bit more presenting, then
last year I really pushed myself by
doing Strictly Come Dancing. My
dance partner Janette Manrara
[with Ranj, top right] would
always say, “Don’t ask for
permission, ask for forgiveness”,
which basically means, give it

everything you’ve got and
go all out! Later this year I’ll
be pushing myself again by
doing panto.’ [Ranj will be
appearing in Mother Goose
at The Marlowe Theatre
in Canterbury, below.]


work with
and puppets!
‘I got my confidence for
being on camera from
doing my CBeebies show
Get Well Soon [right].
‘It was an idea I came up with
in the shower, then we added the
singing, dancing... and puppets!
I get messages every day from
parents who’ve been helped by the
show, which makes me so proud. I
work in children’s A&E in intensive
care and it’s great that I can take my
day job and bring it to the screen in
a fun way. I love working with kids

  • they’re the best kind of humans.’


Team This Morning
know everything!
‘Eamonn Holmes and
Ruth Langsford are like
the parents of ITV’s This
Morning, they’re extremely
wise. Eamonn’s always
looking after everybody and
giving advice. When I was
doing Strictly, Ruth – who
did the show in 2017 – gave
me her number and said,
“This is going to be really
stressful, if you ever need
to talk, just give me a call.”
‘And it works both ways.
Holly [Willoughby] has
small children and she’ll
sometimes message me,
because I’m a doctor, and


Save Money:
Good Health



Sharing top tips: Ranj with
Save Money: Good Health
co-host Sian Williams

Have a gander! Ranj in Mother
Goose, with EastEnders’ Jenna
Russell and panto pro Ben Roddy
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