TV Times – 03 August 2019

(Axel Boer) #1


Eileen surprised everyone when she married Pat Phelan
in 2017. She thought he was her Prince Charming – but
she later discovered she had married a monster.
When the pair headed to the coast in 2018, the
scales fell from her eyes as she
took a phone call from Tim, who
revealed that Pat was a killer.
‘Doing those scenes was
the most brutal filming
experience I’ve ever
known,’ says Sue. ‘We
filmed till 4am most
days. It was blowing a
gale. The ice and rain
were horizontal – my
cheeks bled! I came
home and said to my
partner, “Don’t speak to
me, I have nothing to say.”’

The penny
drops: Eileen
realised husband
Pat was a killer

Way before Eileen married
murderous Pat Phelan, she almost
said ‘I do’ to fireman Paul Kershaw.
It was a difficult relationship
from the off – when the pair first

laid eyes on one another, Paul had
a wife, Lesley, who was suffering
from early-onset Alzheimer’s.
‘There is no way Eileen
would’ve had an affair with a
married man in any
other circumstances,’
says Sue. ‘But then
she found out about
the full story, and
things spiralled out
of control.’
Lesley later passed
away, while Eileen and
Paul’s relationship
also died a death after
he made a racist
comment to her good
friend, Lloyd Mullaney.

Affair: Eileen
dumped Paul
when he showed
his true colours

2012 2018

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