2019-03-01 Western Art Collector

(Martin Jones) #1

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: C O L O R A D O
Stephanie Hartshorn
As a fifth-generation Coloradan, artist
Stephanie Hartshorn has “both a lineage and a
rich legacy that greatly influence my work.”
“My journey to art actually began with
schooling in chemical engineering, took
a heavy right turn to architecture and
ultimately led to spontaneously signing up
for a painting class one summer,” she says.
“I spent the next handful of years weaving
time in for it until the day came that I took
‘the leap.’”
In a nutshell, what Hartshorn paints is
rural America.
Hartshorn adds, “It’s a fairly broad
umbrella that spans ranch and farm country
to rail yards to images of Route 66. The
more I’ve painted the more my connection
to the West’s open space and the deep
roots (agriculture, travel, memory) behind
it has grown. I consider my work a type of
portraiture...portraits of place. In my often
layered and scraped-off oils, I’m looking for
ways to capture the texture and character of
this aging landscape.”
You can find Hartshorn at Cowgirl Up! at the
end of March, Door County Plein Air Festival in
July and various other events in between.
Stephanie Hartshorn, Rural Line, oil on panel, 12 x 36"
Stephanie Hartshorn, Cypress and White, oil on panel, 10 x 10" Stephanie Hartshorn, 6&40, oil on panel, 24 x 36"

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