#108 Saphan Taksin Photo Walk | 20th November 2022

(Bangkok Photographers) #1

The survey recently posted on the BPG Facebook group gave us an unexpected result - we

discovered that quite a surprising number of group members had no idea that they were

welcome to join the walks regardless of their experience, skill level and equipment! To repeat what

we’ve been saying since then, you are absolutely welcome, whether you’re a first-timer shooting

on your phone or an industry veteran with professional-grade kit (or anything between). It was a

delight to see that so many people took us at our word.

An impressive 60 photographers of all levels joined us at Saphan Taksin BTS station on

the rather overcast morning of the walk, 45 of whom went on to submit photos for this issue

of Bangkok Photo Walks. That makes this the longest issue Ben has put together for us by a

considerable margin. In fact, it’s nearly 200 pages long! Fortunately, the route that walk-whisperer

Mark selected for us contained no shortage of variety and interesting features, as many of you

mentioned at the time. The resulting images you’ll see across the following pages show that

diversity of subjects in the area just as well as they show the diversity of talents in the group.

As we gallop towards the end of the year, remember to go back over the photos you have

taken and select your best for the Vision 2022 project. Organised by BPG founders Dennie and

DK, this is an opportunity for everyone in the Bangkok Photographers Group to showcase their

finest work. Your submissions do not have to be from a walk - they don’t even have to have been

taken in Thailand! There is no set theme, though there are some restrictions on subject matter

(no nudity and gore, for example). Dennie and DK will select their favourites, which will go into a

printed photobook, and the cream of the crop will be offered a place in two gallery exhibitions

in Bangkok in 2023. Head to the BPG Facebook group to find more information about how to

submit your work.

Have fun,

Greg, Ben and Mark.

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