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HAPPY HOLIDAYS, BAKERS! It’s that season where we’re all looking
for a little warm inspiration in the form of spicy gingerbread, wintry peppermint, and—
duh—boozy fruitcake. Well, look no further than this November/December issue.

From our tip-top Christmas tree-shaped baked goods to our American layer cakes
blowout, we have the showstopping celebratory sweets your epic holiday plans require.
Plus, this issue is packed with peppermint, coffee cake, cookies, mulling spices, and
more. For an epic holiday centerpiece, try one of our bûche de Noëls, starting on page

  1. On a homier note, I’m sharing my secret eggnog recipe alongside a few other brilliant
    homemade gifts that bakers can craft for their loved ones (page 23).

This is the second Christmas I’ll have without my grandfather, a man I adored and
learned so much from. I will always miss him, but this season brings out a particular
nostalgia for him and his famous fruitcake cookies. He’d take a box mix of spice cake,
crumbled Claxton Fruit Cake, and pecans and create something entirely new and festive.
In honor of him, I’ve given it a fresh, from-scratch Retro Redo twirl (page 23). It’s a
cookie I know Grandad would love, and that’s the highest praise I can give a baked good!

Happy baking,

Brian Hart Hoffman

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In remembrance of his grandfather, Brian bakes a batch of his Glazed
Fruitcake Cookies with his grandmother, whom he calls Mimi.
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