(Nancy Kaufman) #1

Step 1: Loosen cake from sides of
pan, if needed. Using a serrated
knife, cut into 4 (12x4-inch)
rectangles. (You will have some
cake edges leftover.) (Be sure to
cut through the parchment paper
as well—these will help you transfer
your cake without tearing it; use
scissors if needed.)

Step 2: Lift each rectangle , with
parchment attached, out of pan.
Brush with Molasses Simple
Syrup. Spread ⅔ cup Brown Sugar
Buttercream onto each rectangle.
(If you have refrigerated your
buttercream, make sure it is room
temperature and soft enough to
spread without tearing sponge cake.)

Step 3: Roll up 1 rectangle, jelly roll
style, and place in center of a cake
plate. Remove parchment. Using
parchment to help, carefully pick up
a second rectangle, and wrap around
center roll. Remove parchment, and
repeat with remaining rectangles,
creating a spiral. Using a serrated
knife, trim end of fi nal piece at an
angle to make it fl ush with outer edge
of cake.

Step 4: Spread remaining
Brown Sugar Buttercream on
outside of cake. Without adding
additional buttercream, lightly
spread buttercream that peeks
through the layers on top. Place
White Chocolate Bark vertically
on outside of cake, overlapping
slightly and pressing into
buttercream to hold in place.





For the Gingerbread Bûche de Noël

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