2019-05-01 Your Home and Garden

(Joyce) #1

Your home,

your canvas

Embarking on a new life chapter might demand a new way of
living but it doesn’t mean compromising on life’s luxuries.
This home celebrates easy modern living while retaining a strong
sense of style, sophistication and timeless luxury.

House 1,

On-trend Elegance

Warm whites
combined with
natural timber

Moving into the home of your dreams is
easy with Fletcher Living.

Our brand new homes o er all the modern
comforts of a completed new build.
With a focus on modern interior design
cues, colours and fi nishes our homes
provide homeowners with a blank canvas
to add their unique fi nishing touches.

To show you how easy it is to make a
Fletcher Living home your own, we’ve
taken two similar terrace homes and styled
them in two very di erent ways.

D f ent p t ns cre e d 

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Design Inspir

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