2019-05-01 Your Home and Garden

(Joyce) #1

When it came to decorating the many walls,
the couple didn’t want to compete with the
majestic mountain views. So they kept the wall
decor to a minimum. The exceptions include
two paintings by Myles’ Wellington-based
mum, artist Suzanne Herschell. “The moody,
muted abstract pieces work perfectly for the
hallway and in the entrance,” says Myles.
The large, colourful artwork in the kitchen
is by Phillip James Frost, a Dunedin artist now
living in Sydney. It was one of the art-loving
couple’s first investment pieces.

Although this busy, creative family love their
house, which was completed in November
2017, they know in their hearts that one day
they will build again.
“Next time we might be a bit more
adventurous with the design,” says Natalie.
“But for now, this home works perfectly for us,
our family and our businesses.” •

going to tile the showers
in simple black and white
tiles,” says Natalie. “But
then we thought, why not
go ombré? So the poor
tiler had to spend hours
hand-sticking black tiles
at the bottom of the
showers in both the
bathroom and ensuite.”

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