Culture Shock! China - A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette, 2nd Edition

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When choosing an agency
to support you in your move to
China, it is important to look at
two criteria. The first is whether
they are fully licensed with a
registered China office or affiliate.
This will dictate whether they are
capable of clearing Customs
on their own, or whether they
need to work through another
company. The more parties involved in the process, the more
likelihood that accountability and quality will deteriorate.
The second criterion is the quality and professionalism
of their staff. It is better to have a relocation company
that utilises full-time employees through each step of the
process. The level of care they take of your household items
is directly related to the amount of training, supervision and
experience they have. Companies like Sino Santa Fe and
Crown Relocations have more than ten years experience
moving professionals in and out of China.
Make sure to do proper due diligence on the company your
company recommends you use. Investigate their China track
record, the depth and breadth of their China presence, ask
about their registration and whether they use partners or do
the work themselves, ask to see the resumes of managers
and key employees that will be involved in your move,
ask for references of families that have used their services
recently and touch base with them to understand their level
of satisfaction with the service provided.
Most people use a combination of airfreight, express
shipment and ocean freight to move their furnitures and
goods. Depending on the level of service you request,
airfreight and express shipment take less than two weeks but
are very expensive. People typically use these services for
day-to-day necessities and small high-value items requiring
additional insurance.

You should plan at least three
months from the time you decide
to move to China to when you
receive the shipment of goods
at your door. Pay particular
attention to Chinese holidays.
During Spring Festival, the first
week of May and the first week
of October, China shuts down. If
your goods are meant to arrive
during that time, anticipate that
there will be at least a two-week
delay in receiving them as many
workers from the countryside
take extra time off to go home
to visit family.

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