Culture Shock! China - A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette, 2nd Edition

(Kiana) #1


As soon as you walk out of the airport gates, China hits you: the
sounds, the smells, but mostly the incredible density of people.
Within minutes, you become aware that your first challenge
will be making yourself understood. You had felt so confident
on the airplane after your three months of intensive language
study. The fact that you cannot recognise a word being spoken
around you is a bit of a worry. The indulgent smile of the
official-looking security guard you try to ask where to catch a
taxi and then non-coherent response make your stomach do
a quick flip. How in the world are you going to navigate China
without understanding the language?
Some are drawn to the exotic nature of the country, some
terrified by it. The aim of CultureShock! China is to demystify
the Oriental mystique enough to make it easy to navigate, but
still a wonderful adventure.
This book is organised into ten chapters, ending with useful
facts, suggested reading and contact details for important
resources. The authors begin the book by providing China
context. Chapter Two moves you through 5,000 years in just
23 pages, giving you enough knowledge of where they have
come from to better understand who the people of China
now are. Chapter Three delves into the psyche of modern-day
mainland Chinese, detailing the influences and aspirations of
their lives.
Chapter Four prepares you to dive into Chinese society,
providing useful tips on social mores to enable you to navigate
through your first person-to-person interactions as you begin
to move more deeply into your China adventure.
The biggest practical challenges to making China your home
are addressed in Chapter Five. The authors cover everything
from securing the proper legal status to stay in China to
navigating your new home city.
Most Chinese share one common passion—food. You can’t
know China without experiencing the diversity and personality
of her cuisine. Chapter Six takes you on a culinary trip across
China, delineating the differences among regional cuisines
and suggesting signature dishes for you to sample as you eat
your way to your own list of favourites.

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