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New York Post, Friday, March 13, 2020



IAMONDS are forever
— and so is drama.
In August 2018, just
two months before the
long-awaited 25th
James Bond film, “No
Time To Die,” was set
to start filming, Oscar-winning
director Danny Boyle left due to
“creative differences.” Cary Fu-
kunaga was hired to replace him,
and the flick was delayed until

  1. But on the first day of
    shooting, the script was report-

edly not finished, so a frustrated
Daniel Craig roped in “Fleabag”
writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge to
spruce up the dusty dialogue.
But the worst was yet to come.
Craig broke his ankle, delaying
production further, and famed “A
View to a Kill” co-star Grace
Jones quit because her cameo
role reportedly wasn’t big
The film was dealt its latest
blow last week when its studio
decided to push the opening from
April to November, due to the

coronavirus pandemic, which has
closed movie theaters in China,
Italy, South Korea and Japan.
But Bond flicks wouldn’t be the
same without angry fits, acci-
dents and creative pushback. For
almost 60 years, the 007 movies
have been sources of scandal,
from hippie actors going rogue to
Bond Girls nearly keeling over
during sex scenes.
Sean Connery’s 007 films —
from 1962’s “Dr. No” to 1971’s “Di-
amonds Are Forever” — were be-
set by injuries. The Scottish actor,

who was the first to play the part
on the big screen, began with a
salary of $13,000, plus a small
share of the box-office earnings.
But while filming 1964’s “Goldfin-
ger,” one of the series’ most popu-
lar entries, he badly hurt his back
during a fight with the title char-
acter’s henchman, Oddjob. Not to
be deterred, Connery shrewdly
used his suffering to negotiate a
5-percent cut of his future films’
net profits. He raked in $3 million
for “Goldfinger” in the end.
Remember the helicopter Bond

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Hot Ticket

It’s no time to

release ‘No Time To

Die,’ adding the

newest Bond film to

a roster of other

007 flicks that

suffered from


drama or trouble

The release
of “No Time
To Die,”
Daniel Craig,
was pushed
back to
due to

piloted in “You Only Live
Twice”? It cost the poor camera-
man his foot. According to the In-
dependent, the Little Nellie air-
craft was actually captained by its
inventor, Ken Wallis, while cam-
era operator John Jordan peril-
ously leaned out, capturing thrill-
ing footage.
During a sequence in which Lit-
tle Nellie was attacked by two ri-
val copters, one of their blades hit
Jordan’s foot and nearly sliced it

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