(Joyce) #1
Company: Yubico

Price: $45 (YubiKey 5 NFC); $70 (YubiKey 5 Ci)


Hot: Increased security level; more
comfortable than copy/paste
2FA codes; integration with many
services; Yubico Authenticator app


YubiKey 5

NFC and 5Ci

The YubiKey is a security key that comes in many different formats
and versions. The YubiKey 5 NFC is a USB-A key with near-field
communications (NFC) capabilities, while the latest YubiKey, the
5Ci, is a dual-port key for USB-C and Lightning devices.
Two reasons for using a YubiKey instead of an authenticator
app are: convenience and an added layer of security. In addi-
tion, a physical key requires human touch so it can’t be hacked
remotely. You can also use the YubiKey 5 series in conjunction
with a PIN for user verification.
The YubiKey keys are nearly indestructible. Both YubiKeys
that I tested (5 NFC and 5Ci) work directly with Boxcryptor,
Dropbox, Envato, Facebook, and a slew of platforms, such as
WordPress and Joomla. They can also be used to lock/unlock
your computer (Mac included). If you subscribe to Boxcryptor,
you can encrypt individual files on your Mac, upload them to
any cloud service, and enjoy 100% security, without ever having
to revert to authentication apps or SMS codes.

Review by Erik Vlietinck

Multiprotocol Security Keys
Protect Access to Devices



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