(Joyce) #1
Review by Peter Bauer

It’s not perfect (e.g., when are we finally going to kill the myth
of “72 ppi” for the web?), but it’s a lot of handy information
crammed into four pages. Laminated with heavy plastic, this is
a durable reference to keep near your computer. If you’re an
experienced Photoshop user who is familiar with all of the basic
functions of the program, you probably don’t need this one.
On the other hand, if you sometimes find yourself with eyes
rolled to the ceiling, trying to remember that one keyboard
shortcut you used to use all the time, it’s a worthy investment on
a dollars-per-hour basis. On the inner pages you’ll find step-by-
step instructions for typical tasks, including cropping, rotating,
and straightening images, as well as making selections, creating
layer masks, making adjustments and exposure changes, and
other daily work. Artboards, guides, rulers, color modes, and
more are also presented. n

Beezix Inc.


Photoshop 2020


(Quick Reference)


[ 117 ]

Publisher: Beezix Inc.

Pages: 4-page laminated card

Price: $7. 6 0

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