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The Insider: A Photographer’s Guide to
Surviving Quarantine
We know times are tough for many people in many dif-
ferent industries, including photographers. That’s why we
created “A Photographer’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine”
on the KelbyOne Insider. This popular guide includes tips
for learning new skills, photo projects you can do at home,
and resources to help you improve your photography and
pass the time. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to
visit the Insider today to look for a little inspiration.

The Grid, Our Weekly Photography Webcast
And don’t forget about The Grid, our weekly photography
webcast hosted by Scott Kelby. It airs every Wednesday
at 4 p.m. EST, and features special guests from around
the world. Recent guests have included Dave Cross, Mark
Heaps, Unmesh Dinda, Matt Kloskowski, Moose Peterson,
Rick Sammon, Viktor Fejes, Karen Hutton, and more! (Of
course, during these trying times, guests appear remotely
to maintain that all- important social distancing.)
Each hour-long+ episode is packed full of information
and fun. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll most likely learn
something to help make you a better photographer. And
don’t be shy, jump into the chat with all your fellow viewers
to make comments and ask questions during the broadcast.
Keep an eye on the Insider and our social media channels
for upcoming topics and guests, and then watch us on
KelbyOne, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Oh, and all
past episodes are archived on KelbyOne, which is perfect for
catching up, learning tips and tricks to help improve your
images, and passing the time. Check out the trailer below
for more info.
Free Weekly Webinars
Speaking of the quarantine, KelbyOne is also offering free
weekly webinars. These webinars are open to everyone,
not just KelbyOne members, plus we’ll be answering your
questions live during each broadcast. Our CEO, editor, and
publisher, Scott Kelby, created the short video below to talk
about these webinars, and how you can keep your mind
occupied and still improve your photography while staying
safe at home. The safety of our members, our community,
and everyone around the world is our biggest concern.
Follow us at @KelbyOne or @ScottKelby, or subscribe to
our YouTube channel, to keep up-to-date on when these
webinars are scheduled.

Back Issues of Photoshop User and
Lightroom Magazine
We have one more suggestion for helping you make good
use of your time during your long stay at home. Currently,
there are more than 140 back issues of Photoshop User
and Lightroom Magazine on KelbyOne. That’s thousands
of tutorials, tips and tricks, and Q&As. You’ll be inspired
to try things you never thought possible in Photoshop and
Lightroom, and before you know it, you’ll be faster, more
productive, and your creativity will only be limited by your
imagination. So visit KelbyOne or download the KelbyOne
Mags app for iOS and Android today to access hours and
hours of reading enjoyment.
Free download pdf