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Step Three: Make the next adjust-
ment using Curves. In the Adjust-
ments panel, select Curves and, in
the Properties panel, select Red from
the channel drop-down menu. With
the Red channel curve, you don’t
want to affect the darker end too
much, so anchor the first and second
quarters of the curve by clicking on
the point where the lines cross near
the center. At the lighter end of the
curve, toward the top right, drag
the line up to raise the highlights (as
shown here).

Step Four: The next adjustments
are in the same Curves Properties
panel, but this time, you’ll deal with
the Green and Blue curves, making
the same adjustments to each. Select
Green from the channel menu and
create a narrow S-curve. An S-curve
creates contrast and, in this instance,
you’re specifically targeting the con-
trast in the Green channel.
Now, select Blue from the chan-
nel menu and go ahead and add the
same S-curve to the Blue channel.
A cinematic look generally shifts the
black or gray (found in the shad-
ows, of course) to a more blue or
teal color. In altering the contrast of
the Green and Blue channels, we’re
taking a step toward re-creating
our “look.”
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