(Joyce) #1

[ 93 ]

Step Two: We can knock down
their effect a little with a Curves
adjustment layer, so click on the
Create New Adjustment Layer icon
(half-black/half-white circle) at the
bottom of the Layers panel and
choose Curves. Scoot the black
point slider to the right to darken
the clouds, leaving us with a mostly
clear star field. Press Command-Op-
tion-Shift-E (PC: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E) to
stamp a merged copy of the two
layers above the Curves layer to pre-
serve the result.

Step Three: Click the Eye icons
beside the Curves adjustment and
merged copy layers to turn them off
for a moment. Press Command-R
(PC: Ctrl-R) to turn on the rulers, and
then drag out both a horizontal and
a vertical guide where you want the
rotation to be centered. In this case,
I’ve chosen the tree. The intersection
will be useful for aligning the slight
blur and the layer rotation steps.

Step Four: Turn your Curves
adjustment and star field layers
back on and, with the star field
layer selected, press Command-J
(PC: Ctrl-J) to duplicate it. Make
sure the duplicate is selected, then
go to Filter>Blur Gallery>Spin Blur.
If you’re working on a large image,
turn off the Preview checkbox in the
Options Bar in the Blur Gallery dia-
log (to speed things up a bit).
The guides you placed should
be visible, so drag the center of the
blur target to the intersection of
the guides. In the Blur Tools panel,
set the Blur Angle slider to 2°, and
drag out the square control handle
along the blur boundary to scale up
the circle so it includes your entire
image. Zoom out if necessary to get

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