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Step Seven: So click Cancel,
and then delete the merged
layer. Rearrange, duplicate, or
add even more objects, create
a new merged layer, and launch
the Offset filter again. You can
adjust the settings in the Offset
dialog in one of two ways.

  1. Eyeball the adjustments to
    get your preferred look.

  2. Adjust the Horizontal and
    Vertical values to half the
    document dimensions so, in
    this case, both settings will
    be +1500 px (half of our
    3000 x3000-px canvas).
    Tip: Once you’re happy with
    your layout, walk away from it
    for 5 minutes then come back to
    your computer just to make sure
    you’re still happy with it.

Step Eight: Now we can define
and save our newly created
pattern, so go to Edit >Define
Pattern. This will open a dialog
where you can view a thumb-
nail of the pattern and name it
whatever you wish. I’ve named
mine “Retro Objects” so I can
find it easily. Click OK to save it
in the pattern library.
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