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Don’t sweat it

Whether you sweat, perspire or glow,
it’s a normal and
essential bodily
function that
prevents us from
overheating when it
gets too warm; but damp
patches under the arms, runny
makeup and lank hair are not good
looks for the party season.

Here’s how to keep your cool:
aluminium, which temporarily blocks
the pores from which your perspiration
of perspiration.

handbag to freshen up during the
day. Personal hygiene is a must during
summer. Daily showers are essential
and, as the days start to really heat up,
a shower before bed. Body powder
helps to soak up excess perspiration on
the feet, body and scalp. There are talc
without fragrance. Dust yourself after your
morning shower to stay fresh throughout
the day.

more dehydrated you become. Not only
that, essential salts are excreted. If you
perspire too heavily without replenishing
what you are losing, the result might be
muscle cramps and headaches.

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