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Bali Body Self Tanning
Mousse, $29.95
Bali Body Gradual Tan, $25.95
Sunescape Instant Self-Tan
Mousse, $44.95

We all know how harmful the sun’s rays can be, so
why not bluff your way to being a bronze goddess?
There’s nothing like a faux tan to make legs look
longer, leaner, shapelier and detract attention
from lumps, bumps, veins and other perceived
In the past few years, fake tans have come a long
way so there’s less chance of turning out the colour
of a carrot. The fi rst rule of a fl awless fake tan is
exfoliation. The night before your tan, use a body
scrub or exfoliating lather to remove any dry, fl aky
skin. This will ensure that your tan is applied to
a smooth, even canvas, resulting in a consistent,
natural-looking glow.
Before applying fake tan, slip on latex gloves
or a tanning mitt; orange palms are an obvious
fake-tan giveaway. It’s also important the gloves
fi t tightly, as loose gloves may leave streaks when
applying tan to skin.
Wait at least 15 minutes for the fake tan to dry
before putting clothes on. Most tans take between
two to eight hours to develop, so try to stay dry –
don’t shower, swim or work out – before then.
And remember: by keeping your skin hydrated
with a quality moisturiser every day, your skin will
be less likely to peel and the precious pigment will
be sealed in for as long as possible.
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