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fresh ideas through her craft, and is
passionate about uplifting
and supporting women to be the
best they can be.
She explains: ‘My passion for
makeup goes beyond making people
look good; my goal is also to make
them feel good about themselves.
Makeup can transform a woman’s
look and increase her confi dence
levels. With just a few strokes of a
makeup brush and a splash of colour,
a woman can enhance her natural
beauty or create a whole new look’.

With a wealth of experience in
the beauty industry including
advertising, TV and fashion, Debbie
Delgado understands the unique
requirements of bridal make-up
and the value of having long
lasting and fl awless make-up that
looks spectacular for hours, both
in person and in photographs that
last a lifetime. Debbie often travels
internationally to be a part of many
a bride’s special day.
Debbie Delgado is famous for her
‘before’ and ‘after’ transformations.
Images speak for themselves, and
there is no trick photography or
surgical intervention.
Debbie’s philosophy with these
make-overs is to capture the best of
you and capture it forever (when
combining these makeovers with
a photoshoot), working with your
natural attributes to capture your
inner beauty.
The amazing results are a
transformation from the ‘everyday
you’ to an enhanced, more
radiant and ‘picture perfect’
version of yourself.

One of Debbie’s passions is teaching
and sharing her skills with as many
women as possible. She travels
around New Zealand doing several
make-up workshops a year where
she shares her craft with hundreds
of women.
She notes: ‘The application of
make-up is a skill that women are
expected to possess, and yet one in
which they very rarely receive any
formal training. We are often reliant
on a process of learning through
trial and error; often an expensive
path in a world where products are
marketed on the basis of brand, not
their suitability to different skin tones
or bone structure. The secret of a
beautiful face isn’t an expensively
assembled make-up bag, or
complicated application techniques;
it’s about using the right products in
the right places to bring your natural
beauty to the fore.’
Debbie Delgado’s make-up lessons
are designed to help strip away the
mystery of make-up, and simplify the
number of products and application
techniques that are right for you as
an individual.
Debbie Delgado Cosmetics: After
many years working with the best
make-up brands, Debbie decided
it was time to create her own, to
ensure she was going to achieve the
best results. A big part of getting an
amazing, long lasting result when
doing makeup, is using good quality
products. Debbie Delgado Cosmetics
prides itself on quality and holds
the mantra that beauty should not
come at the expense of animal
testing. Debbie Delgado Cosmetics
can stand up against the top players












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