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in the industry, but without the ethical
compromise. Debbie Delgado Cosmetics
are available for worldwide shipping from

In the last few years Debbie has become
an ambassador for several well known
brands in New Zealand and has a large
following on several platforms. Instagram:
@bydebbiedelgado / Debbie Delgado
Facebook page. Also recently, she has
started a new Facebook Group ‘Debbie
Delgado VIPs’ where every Saturday
she does LIVE make up tutorials, so
people around the world can have free
access to her classes.
Debbie’s influence across her
extensive social media and marketing
platforms has provided many
opportunities and developed an
experienced and strong skill set
in modelling, public speaking and
promotion, event production, and closest
to her heart, charity contributions.
Debbie practices and promotes her
highest ethic of grattitude throughout
her life. Debbie views her authentic
audience as a privilege and is passionate
and committed to utilising her skillset
to uplift, enhance and promote others
to a better self. This is evidenced in her
commitment to her projects, content
creation, audience connectivity and
retention and regularity in reach and
response. CBM



For more information or to buy
products contact Debbie on
+64 272218686 or email
[email protected]
instagram: @bydebbiedelgado
Free download pdf