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hile some couples
may be struggling
to live together in
lockdown, Stacey
Solomon has revealed seeing her
boyfriend Joe Swash spring
cleaning has made her horny!
The 30-year-old uploaded a
clip of her other half washing
windows, writing, “Maybe it’s the
lockdown but I’m pretty sure he’s
never looked sexier.”
Stacey also joked their
10-month-old tot, Rex, was
conceived after Joe helped
out around the house.
Alongside a snap of Joe, 38,
with cleaning supplies in his
hands, Stacey wrote, “This is how
we got pregnant the last time.”
The next day, Stacey poked
fun at her unusual aphrodisiac
again when she shared a video
of the Dancing On Ice champ
washing up and laughed, “He’s
trying to get me pregnant again.”

Seeing Joe cleaning up has
resulted in Stacey – who is
reportedly set to earn £1 million
this year thanks to her TV
appearances and clothing line

  • making an epic baby U-turn.
    Back in January she revealed
    that having Rex, her two sons
    Zachary, 12, and Leighton, seven,





aira Khan has been using
her time in isolation to
smash her weight loss
goal ahead of her
milestone 50th birthday in May.
The mum-of-two confessed last
week that she’s not stepped out of
her exercise clothes, confessing,
“I’ve lived in my workout gear and
realise I don’t
need loads of
fancy clothes to
feel good.”
She also said,
“I woke up one
morning feeling
really unsettled.
I went for a
run. The park,
normally packed
with kids, was

empty. It was such a powerful
vista. I could appreciate the fresh
air, the grass, the birds, the flowers
and be grateful for my health.”
Just days earlier Saira wowed
fans with her trimmer frame. She
shared before and after snaps of
herself, with the first showing her
struggling to get a pair of jeans
past her knees and
the second with the
same jeans now
grazing the tops of
her thighs. Saira
said, “I’m making
progress, we’re up
to the thighs! I’ve
got until May 15
to zip them up.”
You look fab,

from previous relationships, and
Joe’s son Harry, 12, was “enough”.
When asked if she’d like
another baby, Stacey said, “I
never say never to anything but
definitely not at the moment.
We’ve got four children and feel
really lucky to have them. But it’s
a lot, that’s enough I think.”



Will Stacey
and Joe add
to their family?

She’s losing

Joe’s clean-up
turned Stacey on

Saira with her
hubby and kids
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