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On the day it was announced that the football season was being
suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, Jürgen Klopp
recorded a message for Liverpool FC supporters.
You can read it in full on, but his underlying point
was crystal clear: “The message from the team to our supporters is
only about your well-being. Put your health first. Don’t take any risk.
Think about the vulnerable in our society and act where possible with
compassion for them.
“Please look after yourselves and look out for each other.”
Since then social-distancing rules and a UK government lockdown
has made staying at home the ‘new norm’. It will be a while before we
see the Mighty Reds play again. Staying safe is the priority, remaining
patient a necessity – messages that the Liverpool manager emphasised
in a more recent interview with the club’s official website.
“We said it now often enough, and I think everybody knows, football
is not the most important thing in the world, 100 per cent not. In this
moment it’s clear what is. But the only way to get football back as soon
as possible, if that’s what the people want, the more disciplined we
are now the earlier we will get, piece by piece by piece, our life back.
That’s how it is. There is no other solution in the moment, nobody has
another solution.
“We have to be disciplined by ourselves, we have to keep the distance
to other people. We can still do some things, not a lot, but we have to
just calm down a little bit with things.
“Yes, outside the economy has to carry on – that will start again. But
the lower the number will be when we go out again – the number of
people infected, that’s what I understand – the better it is.
“It will not be like nobody anymore after the next few weeks but the
curve will flatten, that’s the most important thing. We have to give our
people in the hospitals, our doctors, the chance to treat the people
with serious issues with full concentration. We have to give people time
to build ventilators, we have to give people time to find solutions.

“There will be a moment when other smart people find a vaccine for
the virus. But until then, we have to make sure we do the best possible
for all the people out there.
“You hear now more and more it’s not only the elderly and weaker

  • it’s not only that, there are younger people involved who can die
    of it as well. It’s not about that, it’s about heart and a bit of
    sensibility and do the right thing.
    “Stay at home as long as we have to. And then at one point we will
    play football again as well, 100 per cent.
    “I couldn’t wish more for it because of a few really good reasons, how
    you can imagine. I can’t wait actually, but even I have to be disciplined
    and I try to be as much as I can.”
    In the meantime, Jürgen has been doing the same things as most
    of us – staying in touch with everyone via his smartphone: “I just miss
    everybody. We miss each other, we really like working together.
    “We have a lot of contact with WhatsApp groups and phone calls,
    FaceTime, whatever. So we see each other a lot but not like we want to
    or like we are used to, but they still do an incredible job.”
    Klopp’s Liverpool team are built around togetherness and he believes
    that working together now away from football is crucial to defeat
    coronavirus and return to a normal way of life.
    “In the future, in 10, 20, 30, 40 years, if we look back and then the
    conclusion is that this was the period when the world showed the
    biggest solidarity, the biggest love, the biggest friendship or whatever,
    that would be great, that would be really great.
    “So in the moment when you go through a phase or a period like this
    it’s not possible to see that, especially not for the people who are ill, but
    there will be a point in the future, a moment in the future when we look
    back and hopefully then we can see it like this.
    “Because that’s the solution for it – we all have to be disciplined, we
    all have to work together, we all have to take care of each other.
    “That’s the solution for this problem.”

That special message from the boss, and how the players have paid

tribute to a courageous health service in these challenging times



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