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Advanced² camera holster bag M

est known for its tripods, Manfrotto
has also been steadily ramping up its
range of camera bags and backpacks
over recent years. It offers toploaders
in a number of series, our favourite being the
Advanced², which comes in small, medium and
large size options. The smallest is most suitable
for a compact system camera with a kit lens, while
the largest can accommodate an SLR with a
70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached. The happy
medium has internal dimensions of
160x100x225mm and weighs in at 250g.
To quote a well-worn phrase, the bag comes in
any colour you like, as long as it’s black. It has a
removable handle, belt loops at the rear, a grab
handle on top and a clever weather-resistant zip
around the flap. A slip-over rain cover is also
supplied with the bag. Two small compartments
are built into the inside of the opening flap, ideal
for spare batteries or other accessories, and
there’s an additional outer pocket on each side,
although neither has a zip or other fastener.
As you’d expect from Manfrotto, the bag comes
complete with a fastening system for attaching a
mini tripod externally. That being said, something
like a Gorillapod would be a better fit.

PROS Rain cover and shoulder pad included;
three size options available

CONS External pockets have no security
fasteners; no alternative colour options

Verdict 4.0


Skyline 8 Top Load

here are two toploaders in Tenba’s
Skyline range, which also includes
shoulder bags, pouches, a messenger
bag and a backpack. The overriding
design ethic is that they’re tough and water-
repellent, yet lightweight and convenient. It also
helps that they’re great value. The ‘8’ that we’re
featuring has internal dimensions of
170x110x170mm and weighs 300g. It’s big enough
for a small SLR or medium-sized mirrorless
camera, while the larger ‘9’ has space for a
bigger camera with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.
Bags in the Skyline range are typically available
in charcoal or light grey with black accents, both
of which look neat and stylish. The 8 Top Load has
a removable divider for the main compartment,
which makes it a good fit for small cameras and an
accessory like a compact flashgun. There’s also
an expandable mesh pocket on the inside of the
zippered flap, and two extra stretchy pockets on
the external sides of the bag. The shoulder strap
is removable, courtesy of two D-clips.
The quality of construction is excellent
throughout and, true to Tenba’s claims, the
holster looks and feels like a much more
expensive item than it actually is.

PROS Stylish design and up-market
construction quality at a bargain price

CONS The external stretchy pockets have
no fasteners, which would increase security

Verdict 4.5

Think Tank

Digital Holster 10 V2.0

hink Tank really did have its thinking
cap on when designing this holster,
which is packed with features. The
‘10’ model has internal dimensions of
160x100x152mm and weighs 400g, making it an
ideal size for a large CSC, or smallish SLR with a kit
zoom lens. Better still, it has an extending bottom,
with a similar zippered arrangement that you’ll
often find in carry-on luggage, enabling the
internal height to stretch to 210mm. This makes
it equally suitable for a camera with a larger lens
fitted, like a compact telephoto zoom.
There are no less than seven different sizes
in the entire Digital Holster V2 range, to suit
everything from a medium-sized CSC right up to a
pro-style SLR with a 150-600mm super-telephoto
zoom attached. The 10 model we’re featuring
includes two adjustable and removable inner
partitions, enabling you to stash an extra lens
underneath in the holster’s taller configuration.
There’s an extra Velcro-secured accessory pocket
inside the top flap and a zippered external side
pocket. The strap is removable, there’s a grab
handle on the top, plus a belt loop which, again,
has a Velcro fastening, so it’s easy to attach to a
belt or other strap. A rain cover is also supplied.

PROS Expanding height adds versatility;
available in a huge range of size options

CONS Only available in black, with no
options for a more cheerful colour

Verdict 5.0



to look

out for

Check the internal
dimensions of bags,
rather than the
external, to ensure it’s
a good fit for your gear.

A medium holster can
weigh around 130g up
to 450g or more. Check
the weight if you feel it
may be an issue.

Most holsters have a
detachable shoulder
strap and a belt hoop,
enabling alternative
ways of wearing them.

Extra pockets for spare
batteries and memory
cards can always come
in handy, so keep an eye
out for these.

It’s crucial that the
holster closes securely,
but you’ll also want to
access your camera
without fiddling.


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