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I’ve got the power

The DF-M1 uses a CR2032 battery (found
loose in the box). A thin implement is
needed to push down the lock pin and
access the battery slot. Power is used when
the sight pops up. If left inactive for four
hours, or by holding the colour selection or
brightness buttons, it’ll switch off.

If the shoe fits
The dot sight mounts on top of a camera’s
hotshoe and screws into place. It’s officially
designed for use with the P1000 and P950.
However, we tested it on our D800 and Z 7,
and it worked fine. It also comes with a
small branded pouch, so you can stow it
safely in your bag when not in use.

Custom settings

You can customize the DF-M1 to suit your
preferences. A colour selection button
allows you to choose between a green or
red reticle; brightness buttons let you
change the intensity of the dot and a small
clickable lever allows you to cycle through
three different reticle designs.

In your sights
To calibrate the dot sight you first need to
place your camera on a tripod. Then find
and sight an object (ideally something that’s
roughly the same distance as your subject)
and centre it in the frame. We found it
helpful to use a single AF point as a guide
to ensure the frame is centred perfectly.

Reticle readjustments
Look directly through the sight and turn the
two dials either side of the device to place
the reticle precisely over your object. Rotate
the right dial clockwise to move the reticle
up and anticlockwise to move it down. Turn
the left dial clockwise to move the reticle left
and anticlockwise to move it right.

Plenty of scope

How you use the DF-M1 will depend on
personal preference. We used it alongside
the rear LCD of our P1000. By holding the
camera at arm’s length we could see both
the dot sight and screen. It’s also useful
for simply sighting a faraway subject; the
dot sight gets you in the vicinity before
switching over to the much more
traditional viewfinder.


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Quick Tip

Ideally you want to calibrate the dot
sight at the focal length you intend
to use. If you’re using a zoom lens
and anticipate shooting at various
focal lengths, it’s recommended that
you calibrate the device at the
longest available focal length.
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