(Nancy Kaufman) #1

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 24mm f/1.4

Exposure: 15 secs, f/1.4, ISO3200



Top Tips

  • Clouds can ruin your night really
    quickly, so keep track of the weather.

  • A new moon is ideal for Milky Way
    photography, although it isn’t required.
    Use an ephemeris to keep track of
    the moon cycle.

  • Have a plan B when photographing
    the night sky as the conditions can
    often be unpredictable.

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 14-24mm f/2.8

Exposure: 1/4 sec, f/11, ISO100

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 14-24mm f/2.8
Exposure: 30 secs, f/11, ISO100

[4] Even the prospect of meeting a bear
couldn’t stop Jonathan from capturing
this beautiful image of the Milky Way
from Sequoia National Park.

[3] Weather conditions
can change very fast, so
the best photographers
learn to quickly adapt.

[2] Having the
dedication to get up
early – or stay out
late – is crucial.
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