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Whitewall GeometricPrintsFrom £32/$40www.whitewall.co.uk

Specialist photo printing company
WhiteWall has launched a range of
circular prints(and other more
complex shapes) for their range of
specialist materials. Circles, in
addition to hexagonal, octagonal and
dodecagonal shapes,can be created
from images with the aim of
producing prints that provide an
extra element ofadded intrigue.
Each shape is available in
WhiteWall’s Under Acrylic Glass,
Aluminium Dibond Direct Prints, HD
Metal Print, Forex Print and Direct
Print On Wood output options. The
aim is to direct attention to the
content of the images, with the

frame shape
the shape
products arrive
ready to hang, with
integrated wall mounts on the
back.All prints are available in
preconfigured sizes, ranging from
20 x 20 cm up to 1 00 x1 00 cm, with
prices varying depending on shape
choice, size and printing material.

With their quirky appearance, these
shapes break away from the look of
conventional wall art and ensure
viewers take a second look.

EIZO ColorEdge CS2740 £TBA/$TBA http://www.eizo.co.uk

EIZO has recently announced a new
27-inch hardware calibration 4K
UHD ColorEdge CS2740 monitor.
Designed to display images, videos
and graphics in the best quality
possible, EIZO claims that the
CS2740 will be ultra-sharp, rich in
detail, undistorted and precise for
all users, going on to say that the
monitor is designed to offer “4K
UHD resolution for videographers,
maximum sharpness for
photographers and total precision
and rich colours for all.”
The monitor’s 3840x2160 display
corresponds to a detail resolution of
164ppi, and it’s possible to calibrate
the EIZO ColorEdge CS2740 monitor
with hardware in just 90 seconds,
which would mean that it’ll retain its
factory-set perfection across its

entire service life. It has a USB-C
port that will allow you to connect
your laptop and supply up to 60
watts of power. With four
downstream ports (plus the
USB-C port), there’s no need for
a separate docking station or
additional power supply unit for
your laptop. This is great news for
creative professionals who prefer
to use laptops rather than
cumbersome desktop computers.

As videographers and
photographers know, an accurate
monitor is an invaluable tool. Being
able to trust that your colours and
tones are spot-on is essential for
working pros, so the inbuilt
calibration will be welcome.

Epson SC-P700 & SC-P900 SureColor
£679/$TBA (P700), £1087/$TBA (P900) http://www.epson.co.uk

Epson has introduced two top-of-the-
range photo printers, designed to
appeal to photographers and artists.
The Epson SureColor SC-P700 is an
A3+ printer with a 13-inch head that
builds on the specification of the
previous SC-P600 printer, one of the
best photo printers available. Its
bigger brother is the new Epson
SureColor SC-P900, an A2+ printer
with a 17-inch head – and the
successor to the existing SC-P800

  • which, up until now, was one of the
    best large-format printers.
    Improvement to print quality is at
    the fore of the updated models. The
    depth of blacks in the prints has been
    improved, with Epson claiming a
    Black D-Max value of 2.95 –
    improving on the 2.8 figure delivered
    by previous models. The printers also
    have an improved blue colour gamut.
    The mix of these two improvements
    promise, what Epson says, are
    ultra-realistic prints.
    Another key improvement to the
    design is that Matte Black (MK) and

Photo Black (PK) inks are now
constantly available, making the
switch between art and photo
papers much quicker.
The printers also have a larger
4.7-inch touchscreen interface.
Epson has listened to feedback on
the design of the printers to produce
what it says is, “a ‘non-printer’ look
and feel that is as pleasing on the eye
as the prints produced”.
The printers continue to offer
three paper paths, with: a front feed
for fine-art paper and a standard
feed at the rear; a spindle-less
integrated roll unit on the P700 (an
optional extra for the P900); and a
new auto sheet feeding system (ASF)
for the fine-art media feed.

Epson makes the best large-format
printers around and the improved
print quality of these two new models

  • as well as the ability to switch
    between matte and photo blacks

  • should increase their appeal.

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