(Nancy Kaufman) #1

These easy to-achieve, decorative springtime manicures

are guaranteed to enhance your nails and brighten your day!

Luxe with golden-

flaked ‘eggs’

STEP 1: Paint nails with two coats of pink polish; let dry.
STEP 2: Dip a toothpick into clear polish, dot onto the
back of all teardrop rhinestones and place at the center
of all four accent nails (points facing inward). Repeat
with heart rhinestones, placing below teardrops.
STEP 3: Use white polish to draw antennas on all four
butterflies; let dry. Next, dip the toothpick into clear pol-
ish and dot onto circular stones, then place them at the
top of each antenna. Let dry; seal with top coat.

Shining with

blinging butterf lies
THot pink polish (like ella+mila in Pinktini,
$11, EllaMila.com)
T 8 Silver heart, 8 round and 8 teardrop-shaped
nail art crystals (all available in So Easy Box A
Acrylic Rhinestones, $17, SallyBeauty.com)
TWhite striper polish (like China Glaze Stripe Rite
in Best in Snow, $6, Ulta.com)
TClear top coat

STEP 1: Paint nails with two coats of lavender
polish. Once dry, sweep nail foil adhesive glue onto
all nails; wait for the formula to turn from white to
clear (it should feel tacky to the touch).
STEP 2: Place a precut nail-sized strip of gold foil
(shiny side up) onto each nail. Use your fingertips
to press each strip down, applying varying levels of
pressure at different points around the nail bed. This
ensures the foil leaves behind a speckled design.
STEP 3: Gently peel each strip away, smoothing
rough edges with fingertips. Seal with top coat.

TLavender polish (like OPI Nail Lacquer in
Do You Lilac It?, $11, CVS.com)
T Nail foil adhesive glue (like Makartt Nail Art
Foil Glue Gel, $15, Amazon.com)
T Gold nail art foil paper (like Daily Charme Nail
Art Foil Paper in Gold, $3, DailyCharme.com)
T Clear top coat (like Pacifica 7 Free Base &
Top Coat, $9, PacificaBeauty.com)

Easter happy—

14 4/13/20^ Woma n’s World

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