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fun this^ week

What happens when work and romance collide? City girl Katie Ryan gets her big break
writing a review of a “glamping” (aka glamorous camping) resort. But since she’s far from
sporty, she takes advantage of all the luxury perks and camp activities with help from Will
Martin, a rugged but patient outdoorsman. After a week of adventures together brings
them closer, her assignment suddenly changes, and Katie must decide whether to follow
her professional dreams or take a chance on love... See how it all unfolds on April 18.

The Trolls are back on the big screen in
this sequel to the 2016 hit film! Poppy and
Branch have discovered that they’re mem-
bers of one of six scattered Troll tribes, each
devoted to a different kind of music. When
members of hard-rock royalty plot to destroy
the other tribes so rock reigns supreme, can
the Trolls come together to defeat them?
Watch it in theaters on April 10.

Fall head over heels with Nature of Love!

Go on an adventure
with Trolls World Tour!

OGirls Just Want to Have Fun with
Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker
debuted in 1985. It was inspired by the
Cyndi Lauper song of the same name.

It happened

th is week!

O Harley Procter
created Ivory
Soap, the coun-
try’s bestselling
soap, in 1878.
The name was
inspired by a
psalm he heard
in church.

O My Big Fat
Greek Wedding
was released in
2002—the movie
is based on a
one-woman play
written by star
Nia Vardalos.

O Christopher
Reeve was given
a star on the
Hollywood Walk of
Fame in 1997. He
put on 40 pounds
in order to play

OAnimal Crackers
were first made in
the U.S. in 1871. The
Barnum’s snack-size
package debuted
30 years later.

Let love in with The
Secret: Dare to Dream!
You never know when love will arrive!
Based on the bestselling book The Secret,
the movie follows Miranda Wells, a hard-
working young widow struggling to raise
three children on her own. Suddenly, a
violent hurricane brings a devastating chal-
lenge and a mysterious man, Bray Johnson,
into her life. In just a few days, Bray’s posi-
tivity reignites the family’s spirit, but he
carries a powerful secret that could change
everything. See it in theaters on April 17.

See Katie and Will
make a connection in
Hallmark’s new movie!



Katie Holmes and
MOVIE Josh Lucas star

Listen for the voices of Anna Kendrick,
Justin Timberlake and James Corden

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