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For many years, “sustainability” was
a buzzword—something you heard
about and read about, but which left you
puzzling how you could possibly make
a diff erence. Well, that thinking is so last
decade. A new generation is tackling the
challenge head-on. They’re teaching us
that the only way to make a diff erence is
to start with yourself, and that making
personal choices can and will dictate what
companies and governments do. Suddenly
“sustainability” has changed from a
buzzword into a way of life.
We celebrate this new approach to how
we live, eat, drink and shop in the pages
of this issue. Starting with “Inside Scoop,”
on page 15, we’re shining a spotlight on
Ontario chefs, merchants and producers
to demonstrate how small things can
make a diff erence. By showcasing zero-
waste grocery stores and zero-waste
restaurants—and off ering tips for
shopping (what to buy and what to carry
it in) and cooking (to avoid food waste)—
we hope to get everyone thinking about
applying these practices at home.
In “Sustainable Sips” we delve a little
deeper into what some Ontario wineries,
breweries and distillers are doing to
be better partners and stewards of the
environment. You’ll fi nd that story on
page 35 and their products on LCBO
shelves. Starting on page 64, we take

a glossary approach to some earth-
friendlier wine styles, breaking down
what it means to be an organic, natural or
biodynamic wine and suggesting which
bottles to try. On the cocktail side, we share
recipes from three sustainable cocktail
bars in Toronto that take a no-food-waste
approach to their mixology: read about
them and fi nd their delicious cocktails
on page 41.
Making better choices for the
planet tends to go hand in hand with
making better choices in what we eat.
In “Raising the Bar,” on page 77, we
off er easy, nutritious and inexpensive
homemade takes on protein bars.
“Doing Lunch,” on page 91, demonstrates
how a little weekend prep leads to healthy
lunches for the week—and leaves less
food to throw out at the end of it. And
“Milky Ways,” on page 70, makes good use
of all the alternative milks making their
way into our refrigerators.
We hope you enjoy this issue and that
(like us!) you’re inspired to include these
ideas in your everyday life. We aim to make
sustainability an ongoing component
of future issues of Food & Drink.

Welcome to our

Spring issue!

We asked LCBO
President and CEO
George Soleas to
share what the LCBO
is doing in support of
a more sustainable
future. You can read
all about the new
Spirit of Sustainability
platform starting
on page 16.




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