Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence

(coco) #1



Writing a dictionary like this cannot be done alone, and I wish to grate-
fully acknowledge the help of friends and colleagues who helped me in
the completion of this task. First and foremost, I would like to thank
Richard R. Valcourt, editor in chief of the Journal of Intelligence and
Counterintelligence, for recommending to Jon Woronoff that I compile
this dictionary.
I am greatly indebted to Professor Michael Andregg, who took time
out of his busy schedule to read parts of the book and amazed me by re-
sponding immediately with valuable assistance each time I turned to
him for advice.
The kind assistance of the library of the Western Galilee College, the
staff of which assisted me in locating the proper references, made the
task of writing this book much easier. A special thanks goes to Ms. Za-
hava Santo, the director of the library, and to Ms. Tamar Israeli, the li-
brary’s information specialist, who helped with the technical side of
preparing the bibliography. Many thanks also go to Dr. Haim Sperber,
an academic consultant at the college, who reviewed parts of the proofs.
I wish also to thank Jon Wornoff for his useful corrections and sug-
gestions throughout the course of my writing. Ms. Nicole McCullough
and Ms. April Snyder of Scarecrow Press assisted with the editing and
technical aspects of the book, and I am grateful for their careful atten-
tion to the many details. My student and research assistant, Ephraim
Tkacz, also provided me with valuable help.
Last, but of course not least, I would like to thank my family, who
had to live with the fact that so much of my time over the past year was
devoted to bringing this work to completion.

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