Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence

(coco) #1

Acronyms and Abbreviations


AEC Atomic Energy Commission (United States)
ALA Arab Liberation Army
Aman Agaf Modi’in/Directorate of Military Intelligence
ARCO Atlantic Richfield Corporation
BESA Begin-Sadat (Center for Strategic Studies)
Bilu Bet Ya’akov L’chu V’Nelcha (“O House of Jacob come
ye and let us go”)
BND Bundesnachrichtendienst/Federal Intelligence Service
([West] Germany)
BSO Black September Organization
CGS Chief of the General Staff
CIA Central Intelligence Agency (United States)
CID Criminal Investigation Department
COMINT Communications Intelligence
CPPR Center for Political Planning and Research
CPR Center for Political Research
CPSU Communist Party of the Soviet Union
CSS Center for Special Studies
DCI Director of Central Intelligence (United States)
DMI Director of Military Intelligence
DSDE Director of Security for the Defense Establishment
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (United States)
FSU Former Soviet Union
GSS General Security Service
GUPS General Union of Palestinian Students
Hatsav Homer Tsevai Bariah/Unwittingly Exposed Military
HRM Hebrew Resistance Movement
HUMINT Human Intelligence

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