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Yum increased borrowing under an existing
credit facility to $525 million from $425 million.
The company also suspended its $2 billion stock
buyback program.

Yum said because the situation is ongoing and
the duration and severity are unclear, it’s difficult
to forecast results. It expects COVID-19 to impact
its same-store sales for the quarter ended June
30 more significantly than in the current quarter
due to the increasing number of markets
currently impacted.

Nordstrom, meanwhile, said it will start to
furlough a portion of its corporate employees
starting April 5 for six weeks. It also said that it
will be extending its temporary store closures for
at least one week, through April 5.

TECH: Attorneys general from 33 states are
asking online sales and retail companies to
aggressively monitor price gouging by third-
party sellers on their websites.

Consumers have complained since the start of
the virus outbreak that prices online for certain
household essentials, like toilet paper, sanitizers
and wipes, have skyrocketed.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and
33 other attorneys general are requesting that
Amazon, Facebook, ebay, Walmart and Craigslist
should actively keep an eye out on their sites for
illegal price hikes and put procedures in place to
keep more from happening in the future.

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