(Darren Dugan) #1

TRAVEL: The Associated Press reported
this week that airline services are teetering
on the brink. Travel bans are rolling out
across the globe, businesses are cancelling
travel, conferences have been cancelled and
vacationers are staycationing.

On Wednesday, American Airlines took out of
circulation half of all middle seats and all seats
adjacent to flight attendant jump seats on every
flight to provide more social distancing. The
airline will also be able to proactively reassign
seats to create more space between customers
beginning March 24.

American will limit food and drink options
from March 27 through April 30 to provide
minimal contact between flight attendants and
customers and offer more social distancing. The
reduced service will be based on flight length
and destination.
United Airlines announced deeper schedule
cuts on Wednesday, reducing its U.S.
passenger-carrying capacity by 52%. That’s
from a previously announced cut of 42%. The
airline said demand for travel is still dropping
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