(Joyce) #1


  1. The metrics
    Cath: How do we know we’re
    reaching the right people?
    Tom: We look at the engagement
    metrics. Let me talk you through
    the latest results. As you can see
    on this slide, campaign three has
    a better click-through rate. It’s al-
    most 11 per cent.
    Gitti: That’s impressive. And how
    long are people staying on our
    Tom: Much longer than before.
    This is where it gets really interest-
    ing. For campaign two, the bounce
    rate is much higher. It’s 65 per
    cent, while for campaign three, it’s
    less than 45 per cent. That’s a very
    good result. It means we are tar-
    geting the right people with these
    ads. This also means that CPA was
    lower than any other past cam-
    12. The final results
    Gitti: How have we performed?
    Tell me what you know.
    Cath: We’ve increased our fanbase
    and page impressions.
    Gitti: Can you talk me through
    the figures?
    Cath: Social-media shares are up.
    Page views are up. Newsletter
    sign-ups have increased by over
    25 per cent.
    Gitti: That’s incredible.
    Cath: But it’s not at all surprising.
    Our campaigns micro-targeted
    and re-targeted people who would
    be interested in your kind of ho-
    tels. It wasn’t just about increasing
    brand awareness and brand reach.
    Our main KPI was to increase
    Gitti: How does that look?
    Cath: They’ve gone through the

Phrase Bank
For a list of all the key phrases used in
the dialogues, see pages 12–13

The SiTuaTion:
After a number of different
campaigns, it’s time to look at
the results.

, Folie

talk sb. through sth.
, etw. mit jmdm.

go through the roof
ifml. , in die Höhe
schnellen, durch die
Decke gehen

, unglaublich
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