Sight&Sound - 05.2020

(Jacob Rumans) #1

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Introducing Screen Studies

Screen Studies is a digital resource which takes users from script to screen, and beyond.

It offers searchable access to an online library of screenplays, critical and contextual eBooks on world
cinema and film-making, and reference articles from Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber and the British Film
Institute to support studies of the moving image.

BFI Film Classics Collection

The BFI Film Classics series is available as a digital collection on Screen Studies, providing
cross-searchable access to titles from this award-winning book series which introduces, interprets
and celebrates landmarks of world cinema from the silent era to the 21st century.

BFI Film Studies Collection

This exclusive collection brings together a rich body of books from BFI Publishing with fully-indexed
digital access to pre-eminent and foundational titles on film history, theory, national cinemas, genres,
film-makers, and stars.

It includes titles published in the BFI World Directors, Film Stars, BFI Silver and International Screen
Industries series, as well as essential companions to film studies such as Pam Cook’s The Cinema Book.
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