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cover shot

Photographer: Mason Cummings
Location: Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge, Alaska
Equipment: Nikon D850, AF-S
NIKKOR 14-24mm F2.8G ED
Situation: Roughly the size of South
Carolina, the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge is a vast wilderness in the truest
sense of the word. There are no roads, no
visitor centers, no trails, no tour buses,
no commercial jets flying overhead, no
signs of human existence for hundreds
of miles in any direction. In a word,
it’s pristine.
Truly wild places like this are disap-
pearing at an alarming rate—there are
certainly none of them left in the lower

  1. Even if it’s someplace you never
    visit, it’s reassuring just to know places
    like it still exist.
    The drainage pictured here stages
    one of the largest land migrations on
    earth. Each year, the porcupine caribou
    herd travels through the rugged Brooks
    Range from its calving grounds on the
    coastal plain. Our objective was to inter-
    cept the herd and document its migra-
    tion, but an unusually late season left
    us waiting.
    In the herd’s absence, I went on late-
    night hikes to catch the good light from
    high perspectives. This shot was taken at
    2:30 a.m. on one of the last nights of our
    two-week backpacking trip through the
    refuge. The sun never truly set during
    our trip, so golden hour lasted most of
    the night. These are nights I’ll remember
    for the rest of my life.
    –Mason Cummings

In memory of Susan Fitzgerald, COO, 1966-

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