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82 Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd.

of our products and services, ensuring both processes
and results are trustworthy.

Business alliances

We work with global partners to provide
digital transformation services for end

■ We work on an ongoing basis to expand and
prime the ICT market for new growth, deepening
and expanding relationships with solution partners
worldwide. In 2019, we added more than 6,600
registered partners.

■ We have expanded our program of joint innovation
with global partners in AI, cloud, computing,
5G, and other domains. We have launched joint
solutions with more than 1,200 partners in 10
major technological domains (e.g., Kunpeng and
Ascend) across 16 key industries, including public
utilities, electricity, and manufacturing.

■ We work with our innovation partners on joint
marketing and sales for new solutions, and jointly
deliver digital services to end customers. We also
provide more incentives for our partners to develop
replicable solutions.

■ We work closely with over 1,000 partners in
Europe to develop innovative solutions. We
have built OpenLabs in Munich and Paris. These
OpenLabs give our partners access to Huawei’s
ICT capabilities, so they can leverage professional
functionality in areas like 5G factories, industrial
Internet, edge computing, and big data analytics
to meet the needs of customers in manufacturing,
transportation, smart city, and smart campus
domains. We have helped a wide range of
industries to digitize and pursue diversified growth.


Huawei provides full-stack, open ICT
capabilities and intelligence, enabling
digital services across all scenarios.

We use HUAWEI CLOUD to help developers improve their
skills and offer new capabilities. Over 570,000 developers
in the ICT sector are now registered with Huawei.

■ We launched the Huawei Developer Program 2.0 to
build a full-stack software ecosystem based on our
Kunpeng and Ascend processors. We aim to deliver
upgrades in our developer services in five key areas:
products, enablement, alliances, communities, and
incentives. Over the next five years, we will invest
US$1.5 billion in this program.

■ We have issued more than 260,000 Huawei
certifications, and there are now more than 10,000
Huawei Certified ICT Experts (HCIEs) around
the world. In addition, we have begun offering
developer training courses and certification systems
for Kunpeng and Ascend.

In the consumer sector, we are committed to working
with global developers to build up the Huawei Mobile
Services (HMS) ecosystem. We support innovation by
application developers and partners, so that they can
deliver better experiences for consumers.

■ We have launched and will continue to enable the
HMS ecosystem, which gives developers access to
our HMS Core and HMS Capability, including 24
HMS Core kits.

■ We offer multiple initiatives, such as the
Shining-Star Program, to encourage global
developers to join the HMS ecosystem and
innovate. The initial investment in this program is
US$1 billion.

APAC HUAWEI Developer Day
Huawei Consumer Business holds developer conferences worldwide to build the HMS ecosystem
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