Out of the Abyss

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deathly afraid of her. He uses his Stone Camouflage
feature to blend in with the rocky terrain, afraid that the
drow and lhe gargoyles might attack him.lf he sees the
characters. he runs toward them in a panic, babbling
about a stolen gem. A successful DC 15 Charisma
{Intimidation or Pe rsuasion) check or calm emotions
spell allows Flink to speak coherently, whereupon he
reveals thf' following information:
A ducrgar ale-me rc-hant named Krimgol Muzgardt
asked Flink's mistress. Yantha Coaxrock. to appraise
a large black gemstone. For reasons unknown to
Flink, Yantha didn't want to give the gemstone back to
the ducrgar and instead offered him a lump of gold in
trade. An argument ensued.
Yantha entrusted the gemstone to Flink. He took it to
the drow enclave to buy an eyelash encased in gum
arabic the component for an invisibility spell. know-
ing thars what Yantha would want him to do. Before
he could complete this task. a gargoyle snatched the
gemstone fr om Flink's grasp. Flink is afraid Yantha
will punish him for losing the gemstone.
Flink has been spying on the gargoyles to find the one
that took his gem. but that gargoyle isn't among the
ones currently guarding the drow enclave.

The drow warehouse is bolh a fortress and a residence.
The stone double doors leading to it have an arcane Jock
spell cast on them. which only Sirak Mazelor and her
elite warrior guards can bypass.
Characters who gain entry find the warehouse
occupied by two female drow elite warriors, eighteen
drow merchants, nine quaggoth slaves, and six giant
lizards fitted with saddles (use the giant riding lizard
statistics in chapter 8). The 30-fool-high ceiling of the
warehouse is hidden with thick webs that conceal a
dozen giant spide rs loyal to the drow.
The warehouse's denizens attack the party unless the
characters arc accompanied by a drow. The merchants
have been instructed to remain in the warehouse until
Sirak Mazelor returns. The drow chief negotiator and
her entourage haw~ gone to the Zhentarim enclave (area
7) to meet with representatives of the Black Network.
in the hopes of forging an alliance against the unruly
duergar and svirfneblin enclaves.
The drow sleep in cots arranged in neat rows, while
th e merchants store their valuable wares in three stone
buildings. The door to each building is protected by a
glyph of warding (save DC 14) that triggers an explosive
runes effect (Sd8 thunder damage) when a creature
other than a drow opens it.
Treasure. Each storage building contains 2d6 crystal
vials of exotic perfume worth 100 gp each. 3d6 crystal
bottles of distilled beverages worth 25 gp each. ld4
magic items (determined by rolling on Magic ltem Table
A in chapter 7 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). and 2d6
vials of carrion crawler mucus (see ·'Poisons'' in chapter
8 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). Characters also find
ld I 0 x 10 pounds of food and ld 10 x 5 gallons of water
stored in each building.


    The gray dwarves trade mostly in armor and weapons
    of superior craftsmanship, but their enclave also deals
    in other metalwork, raw ores, and uncut gemstones.
    The duergar chief negotiator is Ghuldur Flagonfist, who
    sells armor, arrowheads, locks, mining and smithing
    equipment, and smoked Dark lake fish. Ghuldur is
    friends with Krimgol Muzgardt, a gray dwarf me rchant
    who sells frothy Dark lake Stout ale.

An iron-wrought fence encloses this fungal grove,
through which the ducrgar have carved narrow
aisles. The grove contains a host of edible fungi and is
illuminated by six nightlight mushrooms (sec ·'Fungi of
the Underdark" in chapte r 2). A tunnel in the south wall
leads to a set of double stone doors.
Guarding the fungi grove a rc four invisible due rgar
that attack intruders o n sight. Fo ur more invisible
duergar stand in front of the double doors and attack
any non-duergar that come into view.

The stone double doors to the warehouse are unlocked
and open to reveal a 40 -foot-high, rough-hewn chamber
containing thirty d uergar merchants and twelve male
steeders (see appendix C) used as pack animals. These
duergar aren't spoiling for a fnghl ancl parley with
intruders. sharing the following information:
A svirfneblin mage stole a gemstone from a ducrg<~r
ale merchant named Krimgol Muzgardt. Krimgol is a
good friend of Mantoi-Derith's duergar chief negotia·
tor, Ghuldur F lagon fist.

  • When the svirfneblin mage refused to return the
    stolen gem, Flagon fist sent invisible duergar to the
    svirfneblin enclave to capture her and bring her to him
    for questioning.

  • Other svirfneblin tried to free the mage, leading to the
    first of several armed confrontations. Flagon fist has
    since sent his duergar guards to storm the neighbor-
    ing enclave and wipe out the deep gnomes.
    A 20-foot-high stone building stands in the northeast
    corner of the warehobse. Inside this unlocked building.
    Ghuldur Flagon fist and Krimgol Muzgardt (a pair of
    male duergar) are interrogating Yantha Coax rock, an
    unarmed female deep gnome suffering from a form of
    indefinite madness (see ·'MadnessH in chapter 8 of the
    Dungeon Mascer's Guide) that makes her tell lies, even
    at the risk of harming herself and others. The duergar
    have dressed her in a robe sewn with gemstones (see
    "Treasure" below) and suspended her above the mouth
    of Ghuldur's ·'pet"-a hungry xorn. Ghuldur grasps the
    rope from which she hangs and is threatening to feed
    her ro the xorn unless she divulges the location of the
    gem she stole from Krimgol.
    YanthaCoaxrock. Yanthaistheleaderofthe
    Stoneheart Enclave based in Blingdenstone (see chapter
    6). She is bound with rope and spinning an elaborate
    lie about how the drow must've charmed her and taken
    Krimgol's gem. She has an Intelligence of 16 (+3) and
    the following additional fcatu rc:

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