Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
The fungal grove in the deep gnome enclave has been
left to grow wild. Strewn about the grove are the
corpses of a dozen dead svirfncblin. all of whom were
killed by duergar.
Set into the northeast wall is a set of stone double
doors that the svirfneblin have barred from within. Four
enlarged duergar are breaking through the doors with
war picks, and it's only a matter of time before they
reduce the doors to rubble. Eight more invisible duergar
stand nearby. ready to storm the svirfneblin warehouse
as soon as the doors crumble.
Treasure. Each dead svirfne blin carries a pouch that
contains ld4 50 gp gems.
In addition to species of edible fungi. the svirfneblin
grove contains the following exotic fungi (as described
in the "Fungi of the Underdark" section of chapter 2):
2d6 barrelstalks
3d6 bluccaps

  • 3d6 Nilhogg's noses
    2d6 tongues of madness

  • 2d6 torchstalks
    2d6 trillimacs

Twenty-two deep gnomes, including Gabble Dripskillet.
are holed up in this chamber. which is shaped like a
cube. The ceiling is 100 feet high. and the walls are
lined with niches that serve as residences and storage
spaces. Levitating crystal platforms throughout the
warehouse allow the deep gnomes to reach these
compartments. Each cry~tal platform can move up,
down, or side-to-side on command, but only the deep
gnomes know the command words to activate them.
Most of the svirfncblin have retreated to their
residential niches. Gabble Dripskillet is the only one at
noor level, and she's prepared to negotiate with whoever
or whatever breaks through the doors. If the characters
deal with the duergar, Gabble is grateful and offers them
a reward (see "Treasure" below).
Gabble doesn't know what provoked the duergar into
attacking her enclave. but she is friends with Yantha
Coaxrock and would like to see the svirfneblin mage
returned safely.
Treasure. Stored throughout the warehouse are sixty
10 -pound sacks of salt worth 5 gp each. thirty sacks of
precious minerals worth 25 gp each. twenty-four quartz
gemstones worth 50 gp each. a dozen amethysts worth
100 gp each, and six peridots worth 500 gp each.
Half way up the southeast wall is a hidden
compartment. Finding it requires a successful DC 19
Wisdom ( Perception) check. The compartment contains
ld4 magic items (de termined by rolling on Magic Item
Table C in chapter 7 of the Dun~eon Master's Guide).
Gabble keeps a crystal coffer in her niche. The
coffer is worth 100 gp. and it contains a black sapphire
pendant on a silver chain worth 5.000 gp. She offers the
pendant as a reward to the party for saving her enclave.


    The Zhentarim found great profits in Mantol-Derith
    by bringing in products impossible to obtain in the
    Underdark. Items as innocuous as sugar and fresh
    spices are treasures in high demand here. The surface
    dwellers trade mostly in raw materials, including wood,
    fine fabrics. and leathers. but also maintain stocks of
    perfumes. alcoholic beverages, confectionery. paper.
    and clothing made by surface artisans with surface
    materials. The human Ghazrim DuLoc leads the
    Zhentarim enclave in Mantoi-Derith and also holds the
    key to finding the library of Graven hollow.

Zhemarim traders cut down most of the fungi grove
outside the entrance of their warehouse. keeping only
a few small gardens for decoration. In its place they
er·ected a huge pavilion and several smaller tents. Water
dripping from the ceiling runs off the tents to form
puddles everywhere. The pavilion is where Ghazrim
Du Loc conducts business, while the smaller tents
are set aside for fifteen Black Network merchants (all
human commone rs).
Perched on a ledge overlooking the pavilion is a
gargoyle touched by the madness ofFraz-Urb'luu·s gem.
Characters with a passive Wisdom (P<>rception) score
of 13 or higher spot the creature. It's waiting for Kinyel
Druu'giir. its .. true love:· to emerge from the pavilion.
lnside the pavilion are four drow: Sirak Mazelor
(a female drow mage and the chief negotiator of the
drow enclave), two female drow elite warriors, and a
female drow assassin posing as another elite warrior.
The assassin. Kinyel Druu'giir. has Fraz-Urb'luu's gem
on her person. She also has the Fey Ancestry, lnnate
Spellcasting, and Sunlight Sensitivity features of a
drow elite warrior. These drow await the arrival of the
Zhcntarim's chief negotiator, Ghazrim DuLoc. A table
covered with food and wine stands in the middle of the
pavilion, although the drow refuse to partake.
Development. If the characters keep their distance
and spy on the Zhentarim enclave for a few minutes.
Ghazrim DuLoc, Lorthuun, and six human thugs
emerge from the nearby warehouse (area 7b) to meet
with the drow delegation. Before Sirak can negotiate
an alliance, Kinyel attacks the beholder. Unless the
characters intervene, Kinyel escapes with 19 hit points
remaining. Everyone else is killed in the crossfire.
If the characters confront the drow before Ghazrim
and Lorthuun arrive. Sirak orders them to leave at once.
If they refuse. she and her warriors attack as Kinyel c uts
a gash in the back wall of the pavilion with her sword
and finds a place to hide until the beholder appears. If
the characters pursue Kinyel. the gargoyle altacks Lhem
to protect her. Ghazrim and his entourage arrive ld4 + 2
rounds after the battle is joined.
Kinyel was forced to leave Menzoberranzan in
disgrace after failing to assassinate a house rival. Fraz-
Urb'luu's gem has afflicted her with a form of indefinite
madness (see .. Madness" in chapter 8 of the Dungeon
Masters Guide). She is convinced that the gargoyle who
gave her the gem is a messenger from House Druu'giir,
and that killing Lorthuun will redeem her.
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