Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
a retreat-. ro her quarrer-. fo r privacy. rest. and
r.:eduat '1 Roll a d6. On 1- 2. the priestess is here. On
a roll ot I C,hoor \'andree is abo here with her. Ih-ara is
furious af .ulyc>nt' dares to enter hrr quarters unbidden.
If rhe characters ratch her here, s he casts web, conjure
ammals. or in ... ert plague to bedevilrhem while she flees
and calls for ht'lp. If Shoor is with llvara. he attacks to
cover her <>scnpr.

The chest is lorkt!d, nnd llvara k<;cps t he key in a hidden
pocket on tlw inside of her belt. The lock is trapped with
n poison needlr tipped with drow poison (see "Poisons''
an c haprer 8 of tlw Dungeon Master's Guide). which is
acuvatcd if any attt•mpt is made to open the lock without
rhe proper key. The ,·ictim takes 1 piercing damage and
must succeed on a DC 13 Consriturion saving throw or
be poasoned for I hour. If rhe saving throw fails by 5 or
mort'. the rarget i!'> abo unconscious while poisoned in
this way. A sucre sful DC 20 Inte lligence (Investigation)
cherk rcvealc, the trap. A characrer usang thieves· tools
can mak<' a successful DC IS Dexreriry check to disarm
it. Pickang th<' loc:-k require~ rhie,es' tools and another
successful DC IS Dexterity check.

The sad<' table holds a small silver-framed mirror worth
10 gp. The small shranC' to Lolth is carved ofzurkhwood
and bone. nnd inlaid with semiprecious stones. It is
worth 50 gp if thr chararters can find a buyer for it.
The chcM c·ontains a v<triNy of s ilken gar ments and
personal items. The re is n si lver chain headdress set
with small onyx s tones, worth 50 l{p, and a d rawstring
bt~~ containing two potions of hcalinp. A small leather
purse ront11in1- 24 gp. 30 sp. and a small moonstone
worth 20 flp. while :mother puri>c is llvara's spare spell
component pouch
Additionally. the chest contains any valuables once
hl.'ld by th<> rhararter!> and NPCi>. including any
spellbook.<>. components, focu <'S. and magic items lost
to the ad\enturc-r-..

    The lowermosr and smallel.t chamber of the priestess's
    rower belon"!> to the commander's lieutenant. the leader
    or the> elite warn ore:; of the outpost. Shoor Vandree.
    llvara s curr<'nt favorate. as the present occupant. The
    area's former occupant.jorlan Duskryn. has been
    dasplaced to the elate barrack" after his recent injuries.
    The chambt•r coma ins cushaons laid out across floor
    mats. a small curved table with two chairs. and a sturdy
    zurkhwood cht•sr.

! IIAI'T~ f( I l l ' KI'HRS 0! 1111 UROW

Shoor spends mO'il of ha._ ofT-duty time in llvara's
quarter'l, aucnding ro ha<. mastre!>s or awaiting her.
Unless you wash him to be found here. his quaners arc

The chc-,r as locked. and Shoor keeps the key in his belt
pouch. The lock is trapped wnh a poison needJe trap
identicalro rhc one in llvara'-. quarters.

The rable holds a pe\\ ter patchcr and a paar of matched
gobleli>. worth a total of I gp.
The chest contains Shoor' personal items and
clothing. ns well as a small purse containing 20 gp.
a black vt·het mask s titched with silver thread in a
spiderwt·b pattern (worth 25 gp), a set of bone dice
en~raved with Elvish characters (worth 10 gp), a small
black ve lvd bag containing o spider-shaped onyx brooch
(worth 50 gp), nnd n flask of ~lrong, syrupy blue liquor
(worth 10 gp). The liquor le aves anyone who drinks it
&.>leasanlly poisoned for ld4 hours.

    Wacer vents through a c rack in the ceiling ncar the
    east<>rn wall between the s t alactites of the priestess's
    tO\er and the guard tower. <'rcating a small waterfall
    that pours down to the cavern floor and forms a natural
    pool (see area 1-t). Quaggot h gather small barrels
    of water from the head of th<' waterfall to serve the
    outpost's nt•cds.
    The water makes the stone wall·within 10 feet of it
    difficuh 10 scale. Any creaturt' auempting to do so has
    di sadvanragt> on checks made to climb. Any character
    who falls lands in the pool below, taking no damage.

    The fourth hanging tower. connected by rope bridges to
    the s lave pen and the walkway alongside the priestess's
    tower, serves as a guard towe r for observing the cavern,
    the weste rn passage. and the s lave pen.
    The lower chamber of th e tower is occupied by two
    drow and one drow e lite warrio r on guard duty. It
    conrain!> a 7urkhwood tnblc and three chairs. a smaller
    side table, and spider-silk webbing set with hooks for
    hanging t'Quipmcnt.
    As at the watch po ts. guard duty bere is a dull affair,
    and the guards are usuall} distracted enough (talking
    or passing the time with dice.-games) that prisoners
    can move or act unnoticed wnh a successful DeXleriry
    (Stealth) check conrcsted bl the guards' passive Wisdom
    (Perception) score.
    The tower's upper chamber stores extra arms and
    armor for the outpost. Characters who gain entrance to
    the armol') can easily loot it ( C'<' -Treasure··).

The content of the armory include the following:

  • 6 chain shirts

  • 6 suils of studded leather armor
    6 shield s
    6 hand crossbows

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